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Age: 19 years 
BA Psychology

Agrima Singh

My love for children and my flare for teaching is what brought me to Jazz. And now I can’t seem to stay away. My favorite memory of Jazz is when my students wrote me a heart warming letter on the last day. I still carry it around in my wallet. 


Age: 19 Years

BA Liberal Arts

Rhea Gupta

Knowing that a little effort from me could go a long way for these children is what got me to volunteer for Jazz. My biggest takeaway from Jazz has definitely been the sheer amount of wonderful relationships that I’ve formed over the years, whether it’s with my peers or with the kids.


Age: 20 years

BS Technological Systems Management

Karan Juriasinghani

My favorite memory at Jazz Hands is when I went back to the school after a year and the minute the kids saw me they ran and hugged me and they were all as exited as me to have Jazz Hands come back for another year. 

sid jazz.jpg

Age: 19 years 
BA Mass Media 

Siddharth Shamsher

My love for kids and teaching motivated me to join but the love of the Jazz family is what brings me back every year. I still rememebr that when I changed cities for college, one of my kids, Keshav, called me over and over asking me when I would be coming next. It made me miss the kids and Jazz Hands tremendously. 


Age: 19 years 
BA Psychology and Politics 

Sharvari Joshi 

Working for Jazz Hands goes beyond just teaching the kids, it’s also about making bonds that last forever, meeting new people every year and being a part of the Jazz Family. Last year, I had to stop working mid-sessions because I was leaving Pune. On my last day, I was sad but all my kids hugged me and gave me individual cards with beautiful drawings and messages on them. So, my best memory has to be walking out of Jazz that day with my hands full of cards and my head full of memories, knowing that I’ll be back next year for more.


Age: 22 years 
MA Graphic Design 

Natasha Khaiwale

The thing that motivated me to join Jazz Hands was the previous experience I had as a Jazz Volunteer and how lively the kids and volunteers are. My favourite memory is of how the kids would greet us everyday single day with the same enthusiasm! It makes us want to give our best to the kids. All the volunteers at Ahilyadevi were so hard working, cooperative and friendly, I definitely made new friends! 


Age: 18 years 
BFA Visual Communications

Shreya Agarwal

Initially I joined Jazz Hands to give back to society, but the reason I stayed with Jazz was because of the bond I had with the kids and the joy of seeing them grow into confident little beings. My favorite memory is coming to Jazz every session and seeing all the kids waving down at me from the 4th floor, eagerly waiting to say ‘hi’.