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In India, English education is unavailable to a large part of the population due to a lack of teachers, facilities, and funds. The results of The Education First English Proficiency Index, an attempt to measure the English Proficiency of more than 80 countries show that in almost every country surveyed, a rise in English proficiency was connected with a rise in per capita income. It also showed that on an individual level, recruiters and HR managers around the world report that job seekers with exceptional English compared to their country’s level earned 30-50% higher salaries.


In addition to impacting the economic gap, English proficiency also affects the social gap within the country. Several of our children from underprivileged schools have communicated a feeling of inferiority when they are in the presence of fluent English speakers. A lack of confidence in grasping the language prevents these students from not only pursuing higher education in English medium colleges but also discourages communication with English speaking sections of society. This contributes significantly to India’s ever-increasing socio-economic divide.



We strive towards achieving a state of socio-economic balance in the country by teaching English using drama. In a scenario where there is an immense need for a bridge between the two socio-economic classes of the country, we decided to create it. By using a drama-based curriculum we have connected distinct student communities to uplift one another and use English to break the cycle of poverty.

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We want every child in India to have an equal opportunity to access high quality education. By using a student-run volunteer model, we are able to fill in the gap of ESL teachers in classrooms with English proficient volunteers. Our goal goes beyond just creating student-teacher relationships. In fact, we want to create friendships that act as support systems beyond classrooms and aid students and volunteers in all aspects of their life.

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