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Founder & CEO

New York University

BA: Journalism and Environmental Studies

"Jazz Hands was a distant idea born in a classroom 8000 miles away from India. Today, that idea has evolved into a family of hundreds of students working towards bridging the gaps within our society. Jazz Hands has been more than an NGO for me. It allowed me to find a family that continues to empower me every single day. It has been unreal watching the volunteers grow over the years and I hope that we continue to provide a platform for changemakers around the world."



Chief Operating Officer

Pune University

BTech: Mechanical Engineering 

"When I initially joined jazz hands I had no idea it was going to change my life forever. As the days passed, I realized how much I loved being with these kids. I instantly connected with them and the volunteers and knew this was something I wanted to continue doing for the rest of my life. My journey from being a volunteer to a Board Member has helped me grow as a social entrepreneur and has shown me that a bunch of students with a common dream can change the world."



Head of Student Affairs

Brihan Maharashtra College of Commerce 

BA: Finance 

"I, like many other students in India, wasn't exposed to an art-heavy curriculum in school. But Jazz Hands allowed me to see the power of art in binding communities together. Our drama-based curriculum makes us dance, laugh, sing and learn together. It helps children express themselves in several ways and that is the key to the depth of the bonds that we form. Our dream is to keep pushing such innovative ways of learning to several more student communities."



Head of Human Resources

Goldsmiths University of London

MA: Understanding Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse

"Students in the Service of Students - that's what drives us as an organization. We thrive off the incredible people who support us year after year and are able to build meaningful networks between communities that would have never interacted otherwise. This close-knit family of volunteers, students, teachers, interns, fellows and the Board only becomes stronger every year and hopefully, it can spark conversations about education reform, sensitivity and community."



Head of Marketing

Symbiosis International University 

BA: Business Studies and Law

"Jazz Hands for me is home. It has been my place to celebrate when things were great and my place to sink into when life was really hard. Watching the volunteers and kids become one over the course of a few months reminds me of the difference we make as an organization. There have been ups and downs but over the years we have only grown as a family. I can never completely explain what Jazz means to me and the way it has changed my life for the better, but even today when I step into a school, with hundreds of kids and volunteers looking at me, the realization of the impact that Jazz has created always leaves me with a teary-eyed smile."

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