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Age: 20 years 

BBA Event Management

Nidhi Rane 

Jazz hands is a new learning experience for me, it has helped me explore beyond my everyday life and over come my social anxiety. Not only do kids learn English from us but they also teach us a lot through our interactions. Jazz hands is like one big family that I am very thankful to be a part of.

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Age: 16 Years

12th Grade

Jahnvi Kamble

Jazz hands gives you an opportunity to be a part of a community, a part of something big. I walked into my first session as a fellow volunteer and left as a part of a family. The effort and innovation that goes into helping the kids and enthusiasm that we get back from them, is what made me want to come back for more.


Age: 20 years


Ritika Deshpande

Jazz follows a path breaking way to give back to the society by enriching kids with language skills to face the worldly challenges. 
My stint with Jazz has rendered me to have sweet interactions with kids and inculcated professionalism in me.


Age: 21 years 

Bachelor's Microbiology

Niharika Gulgule

Jazz - A space where you unknowningly give your 200%  to the students while bringing out the best in you. Whether it's learning essential life skills or taking up leadership responsibilities you've had it all covered here, in addition to the happiness these kids give you, which till date remains unparalleled. 
During my first debrief I was absolutely unaware of how a Jazz Fam session FOMO would be like; not being a part of Jazz for the last 5 years definitely hits differently now.

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Age: 22 years 
BE Computer Science

Shivani Deshpande

Having had an incredible time in my volunteering session, I jumped at the chance to be a fellow. Being able to interact with the children during the pandemic, ensuring not just the continuity of their education, but also good mental health is a brilliant initiative by Jazz. Stepping out of academics and being involved in something bigger than myself like Jazz Online & Onwards is going to be an enriching experience. I am excited to be a part of this new and unique venture!


Age: 15 years 
11th grade

Riya Narwekar

I'm a Fellow and an Intern (and I was a volunteer as well!) I joined Jazz Hands because I love interacting with the people at Jazz and because it's a wonderful opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. Both the kids and the volunteers are delightful to work with and make the entire experience so much more fun and wholesome. I have learnt so much not only from the volunteers but also from the kids - 'Students in the service of students' really goes both ways :)

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Age: 17 years 

12th grade

Shiveti Gupta

It's been more than a year with Jazz now and every single time, I end up with more reasons to come back. Jazz let me meet new people who ended up becoming great friends, it reunited me with some really old school friends, and it gave me the opportunity to teach kids who would do their best to trouble you, but also to make you laugh so loud that all work narrowed down to nothing, but fun. Last but not the least, it gave me the freedom to teach and interact to the fullest!



Age: 21 years 
BA Mass Media Graduate

Sakshi Mohite

Jazz is a very special organization from day 1. It's almost over 5 years now since I have been a part of the organization and I've frankly loved every moment of it. I have learned immensely from Jazz and for which I will always be thankful. I've become a better leader, learned soo much from the precious kids over the years, made some amazing friends, and have made so many beautiful memories that I've lost count now. Jazz is literally the best thing that has happened to me. I love Jazz Hands.

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Age: 24 Years

Master's Student

Maulik Kamdar

Education and Health Care are two fields I am truly passionate about and always dreamt of helping out others through whenever I can. Initially, I just joined Jazz to hang out with my friends. But as I got to know more about what Jazz stands for and how it is helping Under-privileged kids learn English. I instantly knew I have to be part of Jazz in whatever capacity I can and decided to be part of the NGO. It's truly been an incredible experience and I wish all the best and encourage Jazz to bring out more fun ways to bridge the education gap.


Age: 24 years



I have been working with jazz for the past 3 years! It was the most amazing experience I had. When I joined as a volunteer I got to make so many new friends. Being with the kids and teaching them gave me immense happiness as I could contribute to society. I was then a fellow for 2 years and that was a whole new experience as well. It made me a better leader and a team member as well. It made me realize the things I was capable of doing and also gave me new experiences. I'm so grateful for jazz for giving me such a wonderful opportunity!

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Age: 20 years 

Parineeta Tonge

I have been a part of the Jazz Hands Family since 2016, being a part of Jazz has been an indelible experience. From managing and motivating the Volunteers to taking care and handling the students plus meeting the deadlines and communicating amongst ourselves is exhausting but it has helped me grow as an individual. My interactions with the kids made me realize how I took things for granted and helped me develop a sense of gratitude and empathy. Whenever I'm with the kids, I become childlike and I enjoy dancing, singing, and playing with them. 
My favorite memory at Jazz was at the end of the Drama session when a student gave me a card with a drawing of a fairy and she said that I was her fairy, it melted my heart! That's when I decided to be a part of Jazz for as long as I can and these kids have become a significant part of my life!


Age: 22 years 

Yugandhar Patil

I joined Jazz to experience the change I’d witnessed in my friends after they had volunteered for the first time and I think 4 years later I think it's safe to say Jazz Hands has had a major impact in my life. From joining in 2016 as a volunteer to being an intern and eventually a Fellow in 2019, was undeniably one of my most rewarding experiences. It’s great to see that the values that the founders and the board held back when they started this initiative are held firmly today as ever. In the various roles that I had working with Jazz and at times being in exasperating situations  I look back and I believe those were the times where I had tremendous learnings.
My favorite role to this day remains my first year as a volunteer, being involved in the teaching process entirely. Most kids we taught were eager to learn but anxious because of the inequitable language barrier.
Being a part of bridging that aspect so that they can have a level-playing field as they complete their schooling and step out in the real world is something that I’ll always be proud of.
I’d like to conclude by thanking all of the team Jazz. It’s been a privilege and I look forward to working with you again.

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Age: 21 years  

Krishna Rajpurohit 

Jazz hands have been an amazing journey for me. Watching the kids perform, dance, play, and create is a particular joy! It encompasses their passion, wit, ferocity, and strength and blows me away every time!
I’ve made some great friends here And learned so many things that no institution teaches us, jazz hands are not just an NGO; it is so much more than that. I’ve grown so much after joining jazz hands, I can say that I’m a better person now.


Agrima .jpg

Age: 19 years 
BA Psychology

Agrima Singh

My love for children and my flare for teaching is what brought me to Jazz. And now I can’t seem to stay away. My favorite memory of Jazz is when my students wrote me a heart warming letter on the last day. I still carry it around in my wallet. 


Age: 19 Years

BA Liberal Arts

Rhea Gupta

Knowing that a little effort from me could go a long way for these children is what got me to volunteer for Jazz. My biggest takeaway from Jazz has definitely been the sheer amount of wonderful relationships that I’ve formed over the years, whether it’s with my peers or with the kids.


Age: 20 years

BS Technological Systems Management

Karan Juriasinghani

My favorite memory at Jazz Hands is when I went back to the school after a year and the minute the kids saw me they ran and hugged me and they were all as exited as me to have Jazz Hands come back for another year. 

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Age: 19 years 
BA Mass Media 

Siddharth Shamsher

My love for kids and teaching motivated me to join but the love of the Jazz family is what brings me back every year. I still rememebr that when I changed cities for college, one of my kids, Keshav, called me over and over asking me when I would be coming next. It made me miss the kids and Jazz Hands tremendously. 


Age: 19 years 
BA Psychology and Politics 

Sharvari Joshi 

Working for Jazz Hands goes beyond just teaching the kids, it’s also about making bonds that last forever, meeting new people every year and being a part of the Jazz Family. Last year, I had to stop working mid-sessions because I was leaving Pune. On my last day, I was sad but all my kids hugged me and gave me individual cards with beautiful drawings and messages on them. So, my best memory has to be walking out of Jazz that day with my hands full of cards and my head full of memories, knowing that I’ll be back next year for more.


Age: 22 years 
MA Graphic Design 

Natasha Khaiwale

The thing that motivated me to join Jazz Hands was the previous experience I had as a Jazz Volunteer and how lively the kids and volunteers are. My favourite memory is of how the kids would greet us everyday single day with the same enthusiasm! It makes us want to give our best to the kids. All the volunteers at Ahilyadevi were so hard working, cooperative and friendly, I definitely made new friends! 


Age: 18 years 
BFA Visual Communications

Shreya Agarwal

Initially I joined Jazz Hands to give back to society, but the reason I stayed with Jazz was because of the bond I had with the kids and the joy of seeing them grow into confident little beings. My favorite memory is coming to Jazz every session and seeing all the kids waving down at me from the 4th floor, eagerly waiting to say ‘hi’. 

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