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The Jazz Hands Volunteer Program is divided into two sessions. One is the summer session which takes place from the month of June to September and the second being the winter session which takes place from February to April. As a Jazz Hands volunteer, you will develop a better understanding of the issues our society faces as well as a deep desire to become a problem solver. You will not only create memories with fellow volunteers but will also create a special bond with each child you meet. Volunteering with Jazz Hands will motivate you to be a bigger part of social change and progress to help in the betterment and development of society.  



The summer session is completely drama based and involves teaching the students a specific play that is performed at a showcase organized at the end of the program.This session works around enhancing spoken English skills among the students. The volunteers are responsible for not only educating the children about the play and teaching them the script but also working on stage presence, confidence boosting, dialogue delivery, pronunciation, and managing all other aspects involved with theatre such as costumes, lights, sound and visuals. 


The winter session is focused on teaching basic grammar concepts using drama-based methods. We have a specifically designed curriculum that caters to the needs of every grade ranging from 4th to 8th. Volunteers will have to understand and recognize the concepts that need to be taught and the methods that we employ to teach these concepts. There will be two evaluations that will be conducted by the volunteers at the beginning and end of the session respectively. These evaluations help judge the progress of every individual student and are further used as a criteria to award scholarships.

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