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MIT- World Peace University
BA Honours in Psychology

"Jazz Hands is so much more than organisation that teaches children, it’s a platform for young people like me to explore themselves, learn, and build as individuals. For me, every year has come with exciting new opportunities that challenge me to do better. I have seen myself and countless others grow into effective leaders in the organization. Over the years my biggest takeaway from jazz has to be the incredible bonds I have made with my volunteers and students. I am eternally grateful to be part of the ‘jazz fam’."




MIT- World Peace University

"Jazz is probably the best thing to have happened to me. From a shy, timid boy to someone who can handle a large group and communicate, the organization has helped me a lot. My favourite moment of being a part of Jazz Hands is the first day back after vacation ends and you can see how much the kids have waited for the session to start again. The best part is that it is a two-way relationship, with you and the student learning something new every day."

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Program Coordinator

Fergusson College 

Final Year Law Student

"I’ve been working with Jazz for the past 4 years now and the experience has been amazing. Jazz is really close to my heart and missing even one session gives me a major FOMO. Jazz has made a permanent place in my heart and I cannot imagine my life without it."

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Program Coordinator

Modern College of Arts, Science, and Commerce
TYBA (Psychology)

"The reason why I love working with Jazz is because of our ability to adapt. With Jazz, we move away from the conservative methods of teaching and modify the curriculum according to the needs of our students; then may it be through drama on a stage or online phone sessions during a pandemic. The passion of everyone in the Jazz Fam is what encourages me to keep volunteering every year!"

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