I joined Jazz Hands 2 years ago and without a shadow of doubt I can say that it has been one of the most gratifying, constructive, and thoughtful things I’ve ever done in my life. I wasn’t so sure about being able to connect with the kids but on my very first day, I received one of the warmest welcomes from them and felt so loved. The kids gave me a sense of belonging and no combination of words will be able to describe what one feels when they enter a classroom. There’s something powerful about entering a chaotic class and finding peace amidst the chaos. Can’t wait for Jazz 2019!



                            - Tanishka 


Before Jazz Hands, we didn't know a single English word but now, as a game, we try to have basic English conversations with each other and it feels so good. Learning English in a classroom was boring and we didn't look forward to it but drama makes it fun and we could spend the whole day learning English! 

- Ayush and Sumit


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